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A few years ago I built a site for a friend, Changing-Moments.com. Way back then, Suzanne was making custom photo cards. Over the years she has moved into Photography, then discovered her love of helping moms during child birth. She decided to join those two passions together to create The Doula Photographer.

This, of course, meant a new website to replace the long gone website. This new website needed to showcase not only the doula side of her business, but her birth (and occasional family) photography as well.

I started with Wordpress and went with a Genesis theme for this round. I do still love the flexibility of Genesis. We kept our color scheme light. We tried to incorporate photos, but not over do it too much. Future plans include more resources for expectant parents, that is an area that will keep expanding.

Need a doula in the Greater Puget Sound area of Washington? I know a great one!


SISU Strength Academy is a new gym now open in Waukee, Iowa. I had the pleasure of setting up their website and getting them started on their new adventure. My theme of choice lately is StudioPress’s Genesis and this site was no exception. The freedom to customize and bend Genesis to fight my needs is […]


Dr. Handal has been a longtime client of mine and one, of many, that I have enjoyed working with over the years. This year her Wordpress website was ready for a makeover. I wanted to prominently feature her podcasts and her books on her front page. She has so much to offer and I felt […]

Friday Five: Basic HTML for Beginners

Wordpress makes things easy, but there are times you just need to know some basic HTML. For the most part, you may never need these tips, you’ll have someone else do it for you. Not a problem! Some of you take pride in being able to do the little things yourself. Links When making a […]


Friday Five: Wordpress Contact Form Plugins

One page every website needs in a contact page. That contact page must include a contact form. I have seen several websites that put their phone and address out there and nothing else. It’s not hard to include a form. You must make it easy for your site visitors to reach out to you. When […]


Friday Five: Free Flower Images

Friday Five Time again and I’m running late on this one. I’m feeling a bit spring-y so I went searching for free flower images to create some memes. Here are 5 of my favorites I found today. And, of course, they’re all free, including commercial use. Since these are free for commercial use you can […]


Google Analytics: How to Add a User

Google Analytics can be a confusing frontier. You know you should be using it, but you have no idea how. There is no shame in asking for help! But, did you know you can give access to your Google Analytics without giving access to your entire Google World? You can. Here’s how. Head over to […]

Friday Five: Anti-Spam Plugins

Comment spam sucks! It just does. It slows your site down, takes up space in your database, takes a ton of time to remove and just plain sucks. The best way to fight it is to prevent it from happening. There are several anti-spam plugins for Wordpress. Over the years I used many of them. […]

Friday Five: 5 Reasons I Don’t Do Phone Calls

  It’s Friday Five time! I often get emails asking when it would be a good time to have a phone chat. I always reply that my preference is email only. I just don’t do phone calls, for several reasons. This is my work flow, it works for me. I did this one countdown style […]

Friday Five: Valentine’s Fonts

I know, I know, it’s January, not February. What’s with the Valentine’s fonts already? Well, we have to do these things early you know. I have searched for 5 fonts that scream Valentine’s day to me. Use these in your marketing, or your Valentine’s cards, photo templates, etc, etc. Do you hand out Valentine’s Day cards? […]