Facebook. Can’t live with it, can’t live without it. We put so much on there sometimes it’s hard to go back and find things.

Have you ever posted something on Facebook and then later wanted to find it, but couldn’t remember when you posted it? If you knew when, you could at least use the year and month links on the right.


Did you know you can search your timeline?

Just go to the search bar at the top and type the words “posts by me” followed by whatever it is that you are looking for!


Looking for a post by a friend? Do the same thing subbing your friend’s name in place of me. Easy peasy.

Read more about it over at socialmediatoday.com


With so many users and potential clients and customers on Facebook, there are a few boundaries you shouldn’t cross. Don’t chase away the next client by following these simple tips.

1. Selling

I know you’ve seen them. That one page you liked for some reason and yet all they ever post is a sales pitch. One after another, always a promotion. Yes, you should post promotions, but that shouldn’t be the only thing you post. If all you are ever doing is posting what you have for sale or your next promotion, you’re going to chase people away.

2. Lack of Acknowledgement

Take a moment to say “thanks”, even if it’s just simply a click of the like button. If some one takes time to post to your business page, or share something you’ve posted, then you should take the time to thank them. Everyone loves to be appreciated and if you take a moment to show your appreciation your clients will remember it.

3. Sharing Everything

Don’t keep passing it on. The chain letters, the memes meant to rile you up, don’t add to it by hitting share. If it seems shocking or unbelievable, look it up. Find a source, be sure it’s true before sharing. Better yet, just don’t share. If you must, do it on your personal page, not your business page.

4. Spelling & Grammar

Oye. This one gets me. Believe me I am not a perfect grammar person. I make typos like anyone else. But please, oh please, know which form of the word to use (sell vs sale, or they’re vs there vs their) and use the correct one. Spell out words! Leave the “text type” for later when you text your friend. Capital letters belong at the beginning of a sentence or proper noun, not every single letter of every word. [Did you know words spelled in capital letters is similar to yelling?!] Take a moment and look over your spelling and grammar before posting.

Facebook is such a time suck. Admit it. You hop over there with full intention of posting to your business page and you end up playing games, answering surveys, you know which Disney Princess you are, which country you should live in and what color describes you, but you haven’t posted anything to your business page.

By scheduling a few Facebook posts ahead of time, you can appear active on the social site and yet avoid it until a convenient time so you can play around.

I have this article that I want to share with my followers to use as an example. Once you have your post written, don’t hit post quite yet. Look over to the left and you’ll see a little clock icon. Click that.


This will give the options to schedule, or even backdate, a post. You can choose a date well into the future and you can schedule the exact time you want the post to go live.


By analyzing your page’s insights you can determine the best time to post by seeing when your fans are online. Just click Insights at the top of the page and then click on Posts. Determine your page’s optimal time and start scheduling!


It’s still great to share things as you find them and definitely take time to respond to comments, but this is a great way to appear active when you need to be doing other things, like a vacation maybe?!

facebook-contest-rulesIt just got easier to run a promotional contest on Facebook with the new updated Facebook Contest Terms.

In the past if you wanted to run any type of contest on Facebook, you were required to use a third party app. Many businesses either didn’t know that or chose to ignore the requirement.

Facebook has updated their Pages Terms now allowing businesses to run contests by asking people to like and share posts and images.

“For example, businesses can now:
  • Collect entries by having users post on the Page or comment/like a Page post
  • Collect entries by having users message the Page
  • Utilize likes as a voting mechanism

You may not ask people to tag themselves in a photo if they are not actually in the photo. Commenting on a photo is fine, but tagging a photo they are not featured in is not allowed.

I still think Apps are the way to go for a true contest. Apps will allow you to require someone to like your page, collect email addresses and they’ll make it easier for you to select a winner. If you’re contest is intended to increase engagement and only last a short while, then a non-app contest would be perfecting fine. Without an app, keeping track of likes and shares may get overwhelming making it difficult to choose your winner. Apps also help you track things which you wouldn’t be able to without them.

What type of Facebook contest and giveaways do you like to see?

Social Media is an important part of having an online business or website. Millions of people worldwide are utilizing these platforms on a regular basis and hundreds of potential customers are just waiting to be found. People love interaction and that is just what Facebook, Twitter and Google+ provide. There is no better way to market and advertise your service or product.

For an introductory price of $97, I will set up or edit your social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Youtube. That means setting up links, descriptions and graphics that match your website as well as linking these sites to each other and your website where applicable. I can even get you started with a few followers on Facebook and Twitter. If you run a wordpress blog, I will also set things up so that each of your blog posts are sent to Facebook and Twitter when you post them. This is a great way to build content on these social sites.

Let’s get started and move your website in the social media direction!

Facebook Admin PageI recently had some issues adding an admin user to a Facebook page I created. A quick Google search told me I wasn’t the only one. It took me some time, but I finally figured it out.

I had the other person “like” the page. On the “likes” list, you see a little button to Make Admin next to each user. Clicking it did nothing. Going to manage admins and adding the person by name did nothing. Frustrated, I went over to Google and found no answers, just more people as perplexed as me.

Not being one to give up, I kept at it all day and finally figured it out. If you are not “friends” with the person you are trying to assign admin rights to, then you must use the Manage Admins page and put in their email address, not their name. It doesn’t matter if they have liked the page or not. If you don’t have a connection to them, you need the email address they used for facebook. Simple as that.

Image courtesy of adamr / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

A stagnant Facebook is no joy for anyone. Before you can interact with your guests, you need to get them interacting with you! Here are a few tips to you can start putting into place today to get more action on your page.

Short & Sweet

There is a reason Twitter is popular. You don’t need a lot of text to get your point across. The shorter your message is, the more likely it is to be read. I know that I personally scan over my Facebook and longer posts are the ones I’m more likely to skip over, especially if I’m hurrying. Keep it short and sweet and get to the point.

Fill in the ____

You guests are more likely to respond with a single word when asked. It only takes a moment so they feel they aren’t wasting too much time. You aren’t asking for a long explanation, just a word or two. Even better, ask an a or b type question! Given only two choices to make, you’re even more likely to get responses.

Give Orders

Yes, I’m telling you to tell your guests what to do. Telling them to share or like a post is more likely to get action. If you aren’t asking for a response, your guests are scanning over and moving on.

Picture It

Let’s face it, we like to look at pictures. Using images when posting and guests will like it and share it. How many times do you stop on your Facebook feed to view someone’s photos? Include a photo with your post to get noticed.

Have you tried any of these? Share your success below. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends so they can be successful on Facebook too!

The folks over at PostRocket have developed this great infographic on Facebook Page Marketing. Have a look and see what you can do to move your facebook page forward.

I knew there had to be a way to block it. That’s the keyword: block. I got to thinking, “Gee, this is just as annoying as ads. Wait, I have ads blocked…”

To do this, you must be using a browser that is compatible with AdBlock and obviously you need AdBlock installed. I have not figured it out on Firefox yet, as Chrome is my main browser. There must be a way to manually block an ad on Firefox, I’m just not quite seeing it. Please let me know if you figure that out!

Step 1:
Click your Ad Block tool bar icon and choose “Block an Ad on this page”. That’s easy enough!

Step 2:
Ad Block will pop a box up on the left of your screen and items you hover will be colored a transparent blue. Just highlight and click on one of the ticker items.

Step 3:
Now look back over at that Ad Block box on the left and you’ll notice a slide. Drag the slide to the right until you see these words  DIV id=”pagelet_rhc_ticker” and then click the “Looks Good” button.

Step 4:
You get one last chance to preview it and if it looks good, just click “Block It”. You are done, your ticker is hidden now. One less distraction on Facebook now.

I think Facebook may have just made a wrong move today. I’ve started using Google+ sporadically, but definitely hopped over there this morning. I’m already seeing a lot more activity over there. I bet Google is loving the boost Facebook just gave them!

Thank you AdBlock! I love you!

I originally wrote this for my parenting blog, but I feel that this article also fits in here. It’s techy, techy is what I do.

“Chronically Late”, that’s the new title I’m giving myself 😉 I’m always behind on posting, I never get to park days on time, it’s amazing that I get to soccer practice and ice skating before lessons begin. Let me also apologize for any typos in advance, carpal tunnel makes typing a little difficult. On to the tip I’ve been wanting to post for awhile now…

You’ve got kids, the internet has Facebook. It’s inevitable. More and more and more teens and tweens are signing up for a Facebook profile. I have touched on keeping teens safe online in the past. But now, my 15 year old does have a Facebook account. As mentioned before, I have her password. But, I’ve added a new weapon to my online tracking- MinorMonitor.com

MinorMonitor is a FREE online service for parents to track your child’s actions on Facebook. I love it. There’s a few things I wish it did more of, but for what it does do, I’m happy. If you have multiple children, you will need multiple accounts, one account may only be linked to one facebook profile. No big deal. Registration and set up are very easy. Once you register on their site, you will need access to your child’s facebook profile, but you do have their password, right?! You’ll need to authorize the app, once authorized you’re good to go and your child probably won’t even know. They’d have to go digging through their profile to find the list of apps they’ve given permission to in order to find it.

MinorMonitor tracks comments, statuses, photos and videos. You can change settings to be alerted when keywords are posted. In some cases you might not be able to click through to read conversations unless you sign in to your child’s facebook profile or “friend” their friends. It’s all in the Facebook settings of the other person (you know, that allow friends of friends thing…). One thing you don’t see is private messages. Those only show up when there’s some on the alert list. Not too big of a deal to me, I do want to give my daughter some type of privacy.

I just can not recommend this program enough. It has more potential, but what it offers (and free at that!) is wonderful and fills the need. And let me tell you, this thing does not skimp on alerts! The phrase “I’m going to get off the computer” was red flagged for get off, and “tempted to say” was flagged as mild profanity.

Note: I logged in today to grab this screen shot (where I’ve blurred out personal information) and I see a link to add a child. I get a pop up telling to upgrade in order to add multiple children. I knew they mentioned adding this feature in the future, so definitely something to keep an eye on.

Check out MinorMonitor and let me know what you think!