A few years ago I built a site for a friend, Changing-Moments.com. Way back then, Suzanne was making custom photo cards. Over the years she has moved into Photography, then discovered her love of helping moms during child birth. She decided to join those two passions together to create The Doula Photographer.

This, of course, meant a new website to replace the long gone website. This new website needed to showcase not only the doula side of her business, but her birth (and occasional family) photography as well.

I started with Wordpress and went with a Genesis theme for this round. I do still love the flexibility of Genesis. We kept our color scheme light. We tried to incorporate photos, but not over do it too much. Future plans include more resources for expectant parents, that is an area that will keep expanding.

Need a doula in the Greater Puget Sound area of Washington? I know a great one!

SISU Strength Academy is a new gym now open in Waukee, Iowa. I had the pleasure of setting up their website and getting them started on their new adventure.

My theme of choice lately is StudioPress’s Genesis and this site was no exception. The freedom to customize and bend Genesis to fight my needs is the best thing ever. I implemented WooCommerce so they can sell some shirts and hoodies to promote their new business. We also set up ZenPlanner to handle class registration along with Mailchimp for email list management.

Dr. Handal has been a longtime client of mine and one, of many, that I have enjoyed working with over the years. This year her Wordpress website was ready for a makeover. I wanted to prominently feature her podcasts and her books on her front page. She has so much to offer and I felt brightening the site and changing the layout and navigation would make those things more evident.

I built the new website from scratch using StudioPress’s Genesis theme for Wordpress as the base. This was my first Genesis child theme. There is no better way to learn something new than to throw yourself into it and get started. I also implemented Powerpress plugin to make publishing her podcasts a bit easier.

Because Dr. Handal already had several products that matched her brand, I didn’t want to make drastic changes. I slightly changed her logo and used mostly the same color scheme.

The New Look:



Visit DocHandal.com for some Medical Common Sense.

Think Photography offers fine art photography in the Washington, DC metro area focusing on Weddings, Boudoir, Portraits and Events.

Kris needed to make his photography site current. He wanted a clean and crisp look that made the images stand out. As a photographer, showcasing images is your number one concern. A cute site is great, as long as your work is noticed.

Of course, I used Wordpress and started out with a Prophoto theme that I customized to fit his needs. Simple was the word and that is exactly what I created. The image buttons on the main page let visitors know right away what type of photography Kris offers. The galleries showcase his work so you can see right away what his style is and decide if it’s right for you.


This is a site I originally made, we’ve updated once and now we’ve updated a second time. The original site was hand coded by me using PHP and Mal’s E-commerce. This time around we’ve moved the site onto a Wordpress platform using custom post types and we kept Mal’s E-commerce as the checkout system.

While Mal’s Ecommerce doesn’t have a Wordpress plugin or shopping cart system, I was able to use the plugin Post Snippets to drop my precoded forms into the site. Mals is one of the best checkout sytems I’ve ever used. The ability to capture custom information upon checkout is a major pro of this system.

Caroline provided me with a new logo and a basic layout that she was looking for and I took it and added a few elements to make this wonderful site. I was able to migrate their existing blog from Blogger so that everything now exists in one place. I love, love, love the new look we put together. The purple and green are so nice and clean and compliment each other well!


Looking for custom cards, invitations or announcements? Visit the girls at Card-Couture.com!

The Center for Life Enrichment provides programs and support services for individuals with disabilities in Southern Maryland. I was approached to redesign their site and give it a more updated look. Small business webdesign is something I love to do and Wordpress design is my specialty. I moved them onto a Wordpress platform for easy website manageability. This allows for various people to have access to update sections of the site as needed. I kept the existing logo and page layout while adding a nice slideshow of images featuring their motto- Independence, Jobs, Friends for Life.

wordpress design

Is your website due for a makeover? Let’s chat and see what we can do about it?

Uptyme.net provides executive level IT consulting and services. Jim contacted me about redoing his site and giving it a whole new look and layout. Wanting to make it easy for Jim and his team to keep the site update, I decided to go with Wordpress of course!

The design is clean with a tech feel to it. Jim was already using blue in many of his advertisings and blue is a great tech color. One thing he really wanted was an animated slide show on the front page. I was able to locate a paid plugin that allowed me to customize the frames with text that slides in from the side.

The new site allows Uptyme to add a blog, a place to post their ads and other articles. I also set up social media profiles and everything is linked together nicely.


Activate Your Power Within – Freedom From Addictive Behaviors Education Series was a 2 week telesummit I helped design and produce. This was my first involvement with webinars and live events and was quite a learning experience. I learned a lot and enjoyed all of it. I look forward to working with Marinna on her future events.

While the event itself is over, Marinna is still doing interviews every few weeks. She offers a few different packages that you may purchase to get copies of past interviews. Her live interviews are free by opting in to her email list and as a bonus, you get her free ebook.

Back to the design, lighthouse and water were her main elements. She sent me a photo that I was able to use in her header. To strengthen her brand, we are using the same header photo, with a slightly different look, across her sites. I love the combination of purple and orange. Purple is empowering and a color of spiritual fulfillment, it went perfectly with the theme of the telesummit! There is more to choosing colors for a website than just picking something you like. I put time into selecting colors that complement the theme and use of your site. Color plays a big role in emotions and prompting actions.

We first implemented Mailchimp as the newsletter provider and have since moved over to Aweber. InstantTeleseminar is used to host the webinars and are integrated into our own page so that listeners can participate while being on her website.

I look forward to doing more webinars and teleseminars and learning more about the behind the scenes processes involved in producing them.


Chelsea Wine Bar is located in El Lago, Texas. It’s a cozy little place to hang out with friends and enjoy a few drinks overlooking the water of Taylor Lake in Houston’s Clear Lake area. Being close the bar, I was able to visit and get a feel for the place while my husband took new, updated photos to use on the site. If you happen to be in the area, go out and visit Chelsea, relax and enjoy a glass of wine or have a beer. The sangria is wonderful!

Chelsea was in need of an updated site with new photos. The new look needed to reflect the atmosphere of the wine bar. The wine colored background of the site matches the coziness upon entering Chelsea. The logo includes Chelsea, giving a personal touch to the site.

I’ve included a pdf of the menu that displays within the site while also providing the option to download. That is so much better than forcing site visitors to download the menu just to view it. The events calendar conveniently lists the live entertainment one can enjoy, as well as the daily specials. The blog provides a place to showcase the live entertainment with a little background information and a place to announce specials and upcoming events.


Take a look at this site, can you believe it was built on Wordpress?! I’ve been working a lot lately with photographers and many of them are turning to Prophoto themes. I love Prophoto and here’s another example why. Theresa wanted a flash type site, but she wanted to be able to blog and not have a slow loading site like so many other flash sites. I took Prophoto4 and was able to give her exactly that.

We started with a standard landing page since she needed a site for both her boudoir photography and her creative photography. As a photographer, if you shoot more than boudoir, it’s always important to separate out the boudoir side of your site. Especially if you do family photography. A simple landing page will give you the opportunity to create two blogsites- one for boudoir and one for the rest. Or, even three or more blogsites if you choose to separate your work even more. [Beware, one of these screenshots does contain nudity.]

We did two wordpress installs and two installs of Prophoto4. [A Prophoto license allows for 2 installs if they are for the same business.] They’re both very similar to carry the branding and theme throughout the entire site, with just a little splash of color difference to set them apart. Perfect for continuity and difference at the same time!

If you’re in the Long Beach, California area, check out Theresa for your photo needs!

Are you interested in Prophoto4 for your website? I’m offering a $10 discount if you buy your theme through me and I will install it on your existing blog for no extra charge. Contact me for details.