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FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. It refers the act of transfering your website files from your computer to our server. There are several different ways you can achieve this.

1. Use cPanel's File Manager. Simple log into cPanel with the username and password you were given in your welcome email. Click on File Manager and you'll get a new window. You should be in the public_html folder, if not, you'll need to navigate to that folder. At the top of the page, click on "Upload" and you'll get a new window. From here you can click on browse, navigate to your file and then click upload. You'll need to do this for each of your pages.

2. Use the Window's built-in FTP client. Add a new Network Place, go through the wizard putting in the information you received in your welcome email. Now when you connect, you can simply drag files from your computer to the server. Be sure to place your files in the public_html folder.

3. Use a dedicated FTP program. CuteFTP and WS_FTP are two of many programs you can use to connect to the server and transfer files.

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