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We charge a $2 late fee on day 10, suspend your account on day 20 and terminate your account on day 90.

If you fail to pay your invoice, you will receive a reminder 3 days after your due date. You will recieve a second reminder 10 days after your due date and we will apply a $2 late fee. You will receive a third and final reminder 20 days after your due date and your account will be suspended. We will give you 90 days from your due date before we terminate your account.

Once your account is terminated, your files will be deleted.

To unsuspend your account, you will need to pay all invoices and late fees. Once your account is terminated, there is nothing we can do for you, you will need to re-register.

Tip: Pay yearly and you'll only need to worry about paying your invoice on time once a year :)

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