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Our company is based in the state of Texas. As such, we are required to charge sales tax on all invoices. If you reside outside the state of Texas and do not do business in Texas, in other words the state of Texas will not benefit from your transaction with me, then you may file a Tax Exemption Certificate with me and you will not be required to pay sales tax. The certificate is good for 4 years and can be found in pdf form in our Downloads area - http://www.instanticity.com/cityhall/downloads/1/Forms

Directions: I would like to have your actual signature on this form. Please fill it out, print it and sign it. You may then scan it in and email it to me as a pdf or you can contact me for a mailing address to mail it to me.

Here is a great link that seems to summarize the confusion over taxes in Texas. http://keeptexas.org/blog/tom/understanding-texas-sales-tax-web-related-professional-services

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