Website Management

Monthy Backups

I will download a backup of your website/database during the first week of each month. While your host may state they have backups, you should always, always do your own backups as well. I'll do that for you and store them on an external drive. I will only have the most recent backup done available for you at any time. I require access to your cPanel account each month.

This service is not needed if your site is hosted by Monthly backups are included in your hosting package.

Wordpress Monitoring and Updating and Backups

It is important to keep your Wordpress install and plug ins up to date for security reasons. I will monitor and update your Wordpress install and plugins for you. I also run a full backup of your website on a monthly basis and database backup twice each month.

Requirements: I will need admin access to your site and I will need to install plugins that must remain active.

I offer no guarantees that updating will not break your site. When this happens I spend the extra time making sure your website is functional again. This time spent is not included and will be billed separately as needed.
If you are an hosting client, please contact me for this service.

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