Dr. Handal has been a longtime client of mine and one, of many, that I have enjoyed working with over the years. This year her Wordpress website was ready for a makeover. I wanted to prominently feature her podcasts and her books on her front page. She has so much to offer and I felt brightening the site and changing the layout and navigation would make those things more evident.

I built the new website from scratch using StudioPress’s Genesis theme for Wordpress as the base. This was my first Genesis child theme. There is no better way to learn something new than to throw yourself into it and get started. I also implemented Powerpress plugin to make publishing her podcasts a bit easier.

Because Dr. Handal already had several products that matched her brand, I didn’t want to make drastic changes. I slightly changed her logo and used mostly the same color scheme.

The New Look:



Visit DocHandal.com for some Medical Common Sense.

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