Friday Five: Click Charities


It’s time for Friday Five! Each Friday I want to share FIVE things with you. It could be links, tips, secrets, resources, we’ll just have to see where it goes.

With it being the Holiday season, giving to charities is on my mind. There are many sites out there on the web where you can simply and your actions amount to donations. I put together a list of 5 for you to click through and show support.

How does it work? Sponsorship and ads. The sites make money off the ads that you see so please disable your ad blocker when you do these.


Each correct answer amounts to 10 grains of rice donated through the United Nations World Food Programme. I know this site has been around for quite a long time. About 19,200 grains of rice, that’s 1,920 answers, would feed one person two meals for one day.

Online game to end hunger


Stop Violence Against Women

At least one out of every three women has been abused in some way. Amnesty International works to protest the basic human rights of women. Money is donated from ad and click earnings.



The Literacy Site from Greater Good

Greater Good has several different types of giving, but I chose The Literacy Site because they work to donate books to children. Children need books, children love books. You can also shop on this site to support various charities.
The Literacy Site


Global Warming

This is another Care2 site. The money goes to to help reduce carbon footprints and solve climate issues through education, offsets and outreach.



The Animal Rescue Site by Greater Good

Each time you click, 100% of the money from the advertisers goes to charity. In this case, the money goes toward feeding shelter animals. A portion of sales is also directed toward various charities.

The Animal Rescue Site


I know this simple clicking doesn’t do a lot, but at least it’s something. If you time and resources, donate them when and where you can. Clicks are better than nothing though.

Enjoy your holiday season and the rest of 2015. I’ll see you again in January.

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