Inky Deals: Crafter’s Font Bundle

I love, they offer some great font bundles, as well as deals on graphics, images and more. I found this great offer in my inbox and I wanted to share it with you. I think my last several blog posts have been about fonts.

I am in love with the Cherryla font. I want it. I need it.

What follows is indeed an affiliate sponsored post. Buy the bundle. Then I can make money and I can buy it and satisfy my need for fonts.

The Crafters Font Bundle (86% off)

Crafters Font Bundle

Fonts are probably one of the most valuable resources for designers. And this deal is here to give a significant boost to your typeface library. You will receive 9 best-selling fonts that are a perfect blend of classic and modern, with a touch of elegance!

From logos and wedding invitations to posters and pretty much everything in between- these fonts are suitable for all kinds of projects! This beautiful bundle will help you impress your clients and complete your work so much faster.

On top of that, it comes with a commercial license, giving you the chance to use it for unlimited personal and commercial purposes! And do we have to mention that it also includes the web font versions at absolutely no extra cost to you?

Just take a look at some previews:

the crafters font bundle

Grab this deal now and thank us later, because only for a limited time you can get it for just $19, saving a massive 86% off the regular price along the way!

So, what are you waiting for? Grab this incredible deal now!

P.S. Did you know you can save an extra 25% off your first purchase? The offer is available on all deals. Just use the code first25 at checkout!

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