One client, Two sites.

I had previously done this first site,, for Robin, but she quickly outgrew it. I knew her site had potential! We had to find a new solution and we did, we used Classipress. Classipress was originally written as a classifieds theme for Wordpress. With some heavy editing, I was able to manipulate some things to do pretty much what she needed. The new site is up, running and growing daily. Ironically, Appthemes is working on a business directory theme with no set release date.

Upon the completion of Boudoir Photography Network, Robin wanted to start a similar site themed toward children’s photographers, Another GREAT idea! We used the same platform and layout, just a change of colors, this helped carry the branding across the sites and connect the two. There are some very talented photographers out there! I really enjoyed working both of these sites, often getting sidetracked with the wonderful photography. If you need a photographer, this is where you’ll find the best of the best. If you or someone you know does photography, this is the place to be listed!

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