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I recently ran across this site and decided to give it a try. I’ve been trying to sell an all terrain stroller for quite awhile on Craigslist. I’ve lowered the price several times. I’ve gotten several people interested, but no one follows through with the pick up. Irritating.

Pretty Posts provides layouts for Craigslists, Ebay and other classified ads networks. Basically anywhere you can input html, you can use their layout. You upload your images, type up your description or input other information and they format the posting. Their free package gives you 3 templates, 50MB of space for images and the ability to save 3 posts. The Premium package is $5/month and gives you access to all layouts, 500MB of image space and unlimited post saving ability.

I went with the free package to test things out. The layout is nice and attractive, but will it work?

I had a few inquiries right away. Even a serious buyer. That buyer, however, backed out on me at the last minute. Apparently he couldn’t meet me due to car issues. A week and a half in to my test and I still have the stroller. If this thing sells, I’ll be sure to update, but it isn’t looking promising. The first week did bring me a few more emails, but no sale. Maybe I’ll switch to one of the other free themes next week.