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Take a look at this site, can you believe it was built on Wordpress?! I’ve been working a lot lately with photographers and many of them are turning to Prophoto themes. I love Prophoto and here’s another example why. Theresa wanted a flash type site, but she wanted to be able to blog and not have a slow loading site like so many other flash sites. I took Prophoto4 and was able to give her exactly that.

We started with a standard landing page since she needed a site for both her boudoir photography and her creative photography. As a photographer, if you shoot more than boudoir, it’s always important to separate out the boudoir side of your site. Especially if you do family photography. A simple landing page will give you the opportunity to create two blogsites- one for boudoir and one for the rest. Or, even three or more blogsites if you choose to separate your work even more. [Beware, one of these screenshots does contain nudity.]

We did two wordpress installs and two installs of Prophoto4. [A Prophoto license allows for 2 installs if they are for the same business.] They’re both very similar to carry the branding and theme throughout the entire site, with just a little splash of color difference to set them apart. Perfect for continuity and difference at the same time!

If you’re in the Long Beach, California area, check out Theresa for your photo needs!

Are you interested in Prophoto4 for your website? I’m offering a $10 discount if you buy your theme through me and I will install it on your existing blog for no extra charge. Contact me for details.