Tutorial: All in One SEO, part 1


wordpress all in one seoSeveral of my clients are running the plugin All in One SEO on their wordpress sites. You are probably one of them! While I have set up this plugin for you, it’s important that you take the extra steps when writing your posts and pages to put this plugin into use.

After writing your post, before publishing, you need to scroll down to the All in One SEO box and fill in the meta-goodness that Google needs to rank your site. You should try to use a keyword or phrase in your page title, description and even in the first paragraph of your post. Remember not to keyword stuff, use words and phrases relevant to your content that your site visitors will use to find, not your website, but this particular page of your website.

This video is a simple guide to show you what you need to do while using All in One SEO. I hope to get another video made about the default settings of AIOSEO very soon!

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