What’s YOUR color?

Flowers are colorful right? You notice them against the green landscape. That’s because they pop. Something known as the Von Restorff effect- if it stands out, it gets noticed and remembered.

Your links are nothing if they aren’t being clicked. Color draws attention, especially when a color stands out. You need to draw attention to your links to make them actionable. Make those links pop! Don’t stop with only your text links, buttons should be taken into consideration as well. You want your user to hit the submit button, so make it pop.

Derek Halpern covers this nicely over at SocialTriggers.com in his video


On this blog, I don’t have a clear call-to-action color. I am revamping though and I think I might use teal or red. Over on my other fun site, BestDamnWebGirl.com, I’m using pink. You can clearly see what is clickable and what isn’t.  So, what’s your color? Comment below and let me know. If you don’t have an action color, contact me and let’s revise your website so your links will pop!

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