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An Addon Domain is a second domain added to your account. It will share webspace with your first domain. This allows you to have more than one website, but manage them both in the same cPanel account and save on hosting fees.

When you register your domain, you'll need to point it to our nameservers.

In cPanel, click on Addon Domains. Imput your domain name, assign a username (the auto-appearing entries are perfectly fine) and password. The username and password can be used to FTP directly to this new domain.

Your Addon Domain is reachable in a few different ways:

To the server, your Addon Domain will appear as a subdomain. However, site visitors will have no way of knowing this, they will only know the url that you give to them.

View our video tutorial to see just how easy it is it set up your Addon Domain in cPanel!

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